Reviews of the latest American Express Prepaid Card

You only pay $ 2 for ATM withdrawals, but the first one every month is free. And there it is.

Who is the American Express Prepaid Card for?

People who want a payment card without a credit check.
People with bad credit who do not qualify for a credit card.
People who want a cheaper alternative to a guaranteed credit card.

Credit Rating Required

No need for credit checks

About the American Express Prepaid Card


There are no refill fees.
No monthly fees.
Top up easily from a bank account, MoneyPak or American Express card.
Merchandise purchased with the card is protected by Amex Purchase Protection.
Free roadside assistance.

The reload limit may be too small for some people.
There is no direct salary deposit.
No online bill payments.
Cannot be used as a substitute for a bank account.
Wait three to five days if you load funds from a bank account.
Not available for sale in Arkansas and Vermont.
Reload Limits

Maximum balance at any time: $ 2,500.
Maximum load in any 28 day period: $ 2,500.
Maximum load per day: $ 500.
Minimum load: $ 25.

Monthly fee: None.
Refill fee: None.
ATM fees: $ 2 each, the first one each month is free (ATM operators may charge a fee).
Customer Service: Free.

American Express Prepaid Card Reviews

Too many prepaid credit cards are a big scam. They charge high monthly fees, refill fees or ATM fees, or all three. And there's no need for that - they do it because they think a lot of people who get prepaid cards desperately need credit cards and are easy to pry out.

Amex's newest prepaid card costs almost nothing. The only fee Amex charges is a $ 2 fee for ATM transactions - but the first fee of each month is free. Pretty much. That makes this card one of the lowest priced prepaid cards on the market.

The card does have flaws. If you load your card with a bank account, you will have to wait three to five business days for the money to load. You can only load $ 2,500 onto a card a month, and can only have a maximum of $ 2,500 on the card at any given time. You can't load more than $ 500 onto a card per day. That means you can't deposit your paycheck right away, as many people do. There's also no online bill payment, so you can't use this card as a substitute for a bank account.

However, there are many other advantages that you don't get with other prepaid cards, besides the low price. Anything you buy with a card is covered by the Amex Purchase Protection plan. If your card is lost or stolen, Amex will transfer your remaining funds to the new card at no charge. And it costs nothing to talk to customer service; many other prepaid card companies charge you a lot for that privilege. There is even a roadside assistance plan.

You can also load cards by purchasing a Green Dot MoneyPak, which is sold at many retailers. For a limited time, Amex will refund the MoneyPak fee of up to $ 4.95.


This is one of the cheapest prepaid cards on the market. If you don't mind this card's relatively low reload limit, then I highly recommend it.

This card is a better and cheaper option than the American Express PASS Prepaid Card, which is designed for parents of teenagers and costs $ 3.95 per month. You can order up to three cards, so it's ideal to give to family members. The PASS card has more control over spending, so if you don't trust your teenager, stick with it.

The Capital One Prepaid Card is still the best prepaid card on the market. It has lower ATM fees than an Amex card, and a $ 4.95 monthly fee is easy to avoid if you load more than $ 500 a month. It also has much higher load limits and online bill payments.