HSBC Credit Card for 0% balance transfers, low fees and premium gift offers

HSBC credit cards are easy to use and packed with useful features. HSBC offers a range of credit cards from products that can save you money to cards that offer exclusive benefits and VIP treatment. If you want to get a credit card with HSBC, use this guide to compare products and apply for the card that's right for you.

HSBC Credit Card Offers
A platinum card that offers 0% interest for balance transfers for 22 months without balance transfer fees. Plus, the annual fee returns annually when you spend $ 6,000 on qualifying purchases

Annual fee: $ 129 | Purchase interest rate: 19.99% pa
Free travel insurance and 2 lounge admission tickets per year
Earn 1 HSBC Rewards Point for every $ 1 spent in Australia and 2 overseas
Overseas transaction fees: 3% | Cash withdrawal rate: 21.99% pa
Minimum income requirement of $ 40,000

Types of credit cards that are compared to HSBC

From cards without annual fees and low rates to platinum and business cards that offer competitive reward programs, you can compare HSBC credit cards below:

They offer a promotional period for balance transfers on other credit cards which can provide further savings as well. HSBC has a strong presence in the premium end credit card market, with a wide range of platinum products to choose from. One of these cards gives you registration for the HSBC Rewards Plus Program, while another platinum credit card allows you to earn Qantas Points when you shop. Premier World Mastercard completes their product range. This card is one step above platinum and provides VIP treatment when you shop and play around the world.

There is no annual fee card

With no annual fees, credit cards can be an efficient way to keep your card costs down. If you don't use your card regularly or just want to avoid standard fees, HSBC Premier World Mastercard charges an annual fee of $ 0 over the life of the card. While generally no annual fee card has fewer additional features, HSBC Premier World Mastercard offers a reward program as well as travel and purchase protection insurance.

Platinum and credit card rewards

Platinum credit cards offer cardholder rewards, free insurance, personalized concierge services, exclusive offers, and other features that help cardholders get extra value from their cards. HSBC offers two platinum products, the HSBC Platinum Credit Card and the HSBC Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyer credit card. The main difference between the two cards is the choice of the rewards program. Frequent flyers can choose to earn Qantas Points with Qantas Platinum products, while reward seekers who want more flexibility will benefit from the HSBC Rewards Program included with a Platinum card. Both cards allow you to earn points on purchases which you can redeem for various prizes including flights, gift cards, travel packages, merchandise and more.

Premium credit card

HSBC Premier World Mastercard is a premium credit card that offers cardholders more value for their money. This product gives you the option of earning frequent flyer points with the Qantas HSBC Program or earning HSBC Reward points when you shop. Cardholders can also take advantage of low balance transfer offers and free insurance coverage with no annual fees.

Corporate credit card

Corporate credit cards are designed to help businesses manage their expenses. These cards achieve this by offering benefits such as multiple cards with individual spending limits, travel insurance to cover business travel and easy online management to keep your business expenses under control. All of this and much more is offered by the HSBC Corporate Card. The HSBC card allows you to classify spending limits by department and business unit, offers free travel insurance and is equipped with simplified expense management and a detailed reporting system.