Benefits of American airlines mastercard credit card

Everyone who can manage their credit card bills well (pay them off in full every month) and likes to travel should have a credit card with travel benefits. If you are someone who only pays the minimum payment on your credit card, stop reading this article, cut your credit card, and watch cat videos. This article is not for you.

The plans for a travel credit card are simple. You make a normal purchase but in the process, you get free travel.

Which credit card makes the most sense to you depending on where and how you travel. Where I live tends to fly to American, United, or one of the smaller airlines so having a Delta credit card, for example, doesn't make sense to me.

An American Airlines credit card may make sense to you if you live near one of American Airlines' hub cities:

Chicago (O'Hare)
Dallas / Fort Worth
Los Angeles
New York - (JFK & LaGuardia)
Washington DC (National)

How Many Miles Do I Need

American has an Airline Award Chart that will tell you how many miles you will need for a ticket. This will depend on where you fly and when you fly. For example, a typical ticket for a domestic flight in the lower 48 states is 20,000 miles and a flight to Europe is 47,500 miles. If you fly off-peak on certain routes, you can earn MileSAAver awards which may drop to 12,500 miles and 22,500 miles.

As you might expect, tickets in Premium Economy and Business Class will cost more. For flights to Europe, for example, a flight that will take 47,500 buses will cost 75,000 in Premium Economy and 110,000 in Business / First Class.

Bonus Miles for Signing Up

When you sign up for a card, you will get a number of bonus miles if you use the card to spend a certain dollar amount in about 3 months. I know it sounds vague but this deal changes all the time. Click on the Apply button below to see what offers are currently being offered. A nice bonus is something like 50,000 miles and it's rare that I see them fly 100,000 miles high. No-fee cards also tend to have smaller bonuses.

Basic Card vs Premium Card

Most major airlines and hotel chains have credit cards. These cards tend to come in several different versions. American Airlines cards are available through Citibank and start with a simple card with no annual fee and then go more expensive but add some cool perks when you get a card that works better for frequent travelers.

MileUp℠ Mastercard® benefits

$ 0 annual fee
Earn 2 miles for every $ spent on American Airline purchases or at the grocery store
Earn 1 mile for every $ spent on other purchases
Save 25% for in-flight food and beverage purchases on American Airlines
Foreign Purchase Fee - 3%

Who is this card for?

This is a basic card that is pretty much the same you have for most airlines. This is a great card to get for the rare traveler. It costs nothing and may give you free travel. With overseas transaction fees (unlike the other 3 cards), this is not the best card for international travel.