American Express Credit Card Billing Dispute Fee

Several years ago, I ordered a special wardrobe for my home and paid with my American Express card. Unfortunately, the merchant delivered a broken cupboard that was half the size I ordered - and refused to return my money. Cardmember disputes for various goods / services are not uncommon, but dispute processing can vary from company to company.

Fortunately, American Express (Amex) made it easy to dispute the bill and recover my lost funds. I just need to ask a question online, provide documentation of the problem, and wait for the seller to respond. When American Express reviewed the information provided, they supported me, and American Express returned the money to me.

If you have an unauthorized charge on your credit card, or if you are charged for a product or service that you did not receive or that was not suitable, you may be able to file an American Express dispute on your Amex card. You just need to know the steps to take to successfully dispute credit card transactions and try to recover your lost funds.

Disputing invoices may be necessary due to merchant error, if you were charged for a purchase you never received, or if your purchase was damaged. You should catch this issue when it occurs and tell American Express that you are making a big deal about the bill because it is ultimately up to you to fight for your refund when the charge is invalid for any reason.

The same applies to credit cards and other companies including Mastercard and Visa.

Contact Trader First

You should check your American Express statement regularly to make sure you were not charged the wrong amount or for purchases you did not make.

If you find something wrong with your American Express account, the first step to take is always to contact the merchant before contacting American Express.

In most cases, the merchant will fix the problem for you instead of having to contact the American Express company.

For example, if you charge for food at a restaurant and leave a $ 10 tip but are charged for a $ 100 tip, let the visitor know. They should cancel the bill immediately when you point out the problem, and you don't have to bother dealing with American Express to dispute the bill.

When merchants work together, contacting them first is always the quickest way to solve the problem of invalid billing. But not all traders cooperate. Save all correspondence and take notes when you ask the merchant to fix a problem. You can use this information later when you file an Amex dispute with their customer service.

Contact American Express

If you cannot get the merchant to cancel your bill, you will have to call American Express. But you have to make sure you do this at the right time. You can't dispute a bill until it's actually posted, so you'll have to wait if the bill is still pending. And you also can't dispute bills after 120 days have passed.

If you have a pending charge that you think needs to be disputed after being posted, you can go to the transaction list in your online account and can register to receive alerts when the charge is posted. That way, you can start your dispute ASAP.

Visiting your American Express online account is the best and easiest way, not only to review bills and sign up for alerts when they post, but also the easiest way to initiate disputes. To initiate an American Express dispute:

Log in to your online account
Visit "Account Services"
Select “Question and Dispute Center” from the side menu
Click “Open Billing or Payment Dispute
Once you are in the Question and Dispute Center, you can choose to open a billing dispute if there is a charge on your card that you do not recognize or that you believe to be incorrect. If you have already opened a dispute, you can click "Manage My Dispute" to see the status. However, American Express points out that there is a difference between dispute and fraud.

A dispute occurs when you think the merchant may have let you go or when you don't get the product or service you purchased. Fraud charges should be handled differently and may require additional information. Fraud is the unauthorized use of your card. If you suspect fraud, you should call 1-800-528-4800 immediately.

Provide the Information Needed to Dispute Your Invoice

After clicking Open Billing Dispute, you will be presented with a list of recent activity. If you don't have a bill posted in 120 days, you won't see any transactions for which you can open inquiries. If you have a recent transaction, you can choose which bill you dispute.

You will then be asked to provide supporting documentation to show why you believe the invoice is incorrect. For example, if you receive defective merchandise, Amex may want to see a picture of the item you received. If you try to tip $ 10 but are charged $ 100, Amex will want to see a credit card slip.

The more information you provide to American Express, the more likely it is that your dispute will be successful. Merchants are also given notification of your dispute and given the opportunity to provide their own supporting info indicating that you were billed correctly or that you received the products and services you paid for.

Amex will decide who makes the most credible case on the legality of the charges.

Awaiting the Results of Your Amex Dispute

American Express indicates that most disputes are resolved within one month; however, others require more time. You don't have to pay for disputed items while the bill is being reviewed.

If you resolve a problem with the merchant during a dispute, you can cancel the dispute at any time in the Question and Dispute Center in your online account.

Check Your Statement Regularly and Quickly Dispute Inappropriate Billing

While disputed accusations can be annoying, American Express makes the process easy. It is up to you to check your credit card statement regularly so that you will find any problems and can take quick action.

If you do and provide Amex with the right information, the card company will take care of you and you won't have to pay bills you didn't make, defective products or services, or items you never received.

If American Express finds that the charge is incorrect, it will be canceled, along with the interest you paid on the bill.