Know About Paypal Shipping And Paypal Send Now Features

Paypal is indeed an outstanding payment service provider around the world. It essentially promotes the use of digital payment transactions as a substitute for paper and physical currency around the world.

So in this post, we will discuss about Paypal delivery service, another laudable feature that Paypal provides us. Apart from that, you will learn about Paypal shipping labels and now Paypal shipping features in detail.

What is Paypal Delivery Service?

Previously if you wanted to start a business from home or any shop, you needed to do the tedious shipping work yourself either via USPS (United States Postal Service) or another retail delivery provider. So for this you need to go to the postal service often, which is very tiring.

To make this shipping process simple and smooth, Paypal launched a self-shipping service. In Paypal shipping services you will get many add-on benefits along with Paypal trust every time you send / receive any shipping order.

With Paypal delivery, let's first take a look at the features it provides for you:

1. You can ship your product via USPS or UPS shipping service, besides, you can get tracking code to track your delivery and on-time delivery. . (both domestic and international locations are supported)

2. There are no monthly / annual subscription fees for the services provided by Paypal. You only need to pay according to the shipment weight and the label you choose. So no more extra money for this.

3. You can easily print shipping labels directly from your Paypal account. Next, it will fill in your shipping address directly from the records you saved (hence no errors).

4. You can send one or more products at a time by providing delivery details in batches and in addition, you can track / confirm the arrival of the shipment efficiently from your Paypal account dashboard.

5. Create and use packing slips as well as you can use online customs forms to make international shipments easier. You can also send delivery notifications to your customers immediately.

6. On the payment page, you must pay according to the type of service, weight and size of your shipment. At any time you can take advantage of Paypal trust in the form of Paypal seller protection policy. You can also add the insurance required for your shipment.